How to promote a mobile app on social media

Promote a mobile app on social media

Today, social media is a powerful tool for a lot of things – from casual chatting with your friends and peers to marketing of any kind of product, and this way you can promote your mobile applications and games too. You just need to be creative and learn how to captivate the audience and spread the work on the social media.

If you're unsure about using the social networks as promotional tools, perhaps you don't know that there are millions of people out there whose Internet browsing time is usually limited to social networks and these people rarely go outside of their “comfort zone”. That's why it's a good idea to get into it and try to get them to download your app and see if they will like it.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use social media for marketing purposes. It's a very interesting topic, and you will have fun doing it if you learn how it works.

Create a page for your app on the major social networks

Start bu reserving a page for your app or game. This way you will make sure that it won't be taken by someone else while you will be busy finishing your app. If you are not ready to show anything to the audience, then you can set it to private until you're ready, but if you are ready to provide information and pictures of your app or game, you can start announce it and tell the audience about your app. Post the news regularly to keep the audience interested and to make sure that you are on the right track – this way you'll do proper social media promotion of your app.

Communicate with your audience and learn what they want – this will help you a lot when you will implement additional features. Increasing the overall lifetime of your app or game is always a good idea. Gather feedback, use voting systems to learn what users prefer and like, and thus improve the general reception.

The following social networks are a really good source of potential traffic:

Take feedback seriously

Quite some users feel good about giving feedback for upcoming apps and games, so it's a good opportunity to use their feedback to improve your app or game. Of course, you can't please anyone, but trust your gut feeling first – if it's a random user dislikes something you cannot fix that easily, you may consider to make a short voting campaign to sort that out.

Don't ask for feedback on every step – that's not a good way to manage your time. Instead, use it whenever you find a questionable decision or several variations of a design or mechanic that you would like to implement in the best way possible. That's one of the best approaches to social media marketing – to engage with your audience while promoting the app itself.

Manage the page

Sometimes you will receive negative comments, so keep in mind – the best thing you can do is reply to it politely and let it go. Of course, if it's something against the rules or extremely rude, then you need to delete such comments and posts. Make sure to avoid drama – unprofessional behavior is not welcome anywhere. While casual behavior is alright, you need to remember that you're representing your team and your app there – inappropriate behavior is not an option.
Additionally, you may want to try targeted advertising to bring more people to your public page and see if they would like to download your app. If nothing works, however, there is always an option to try the services of a marketing agency and see if they can bring your app to the greater heights. Don't worry – learning to promote apps and games on your own (here) is a great experience, but marketing itself is unpredictable in many ways, and it may take a while to accommodate to their practices.